About me

May I present myself, my name is Julia Klug. I am a professional conference interpreter and translator, offering my services in the languages German, French, Spanish, and English.

After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Transcultural Communication at the University of Vienna, I took a Master’s course at the same university, specialising in Conference Interpreting. I was brought up bilingually with the languages German and French. An Erasmus semester at the Universidad de Salamanca and an internship in Logroño, Spain, allowed me to work on my Spanish, and thanks to an exchange semester at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), I was also able to devote myself more to English.

I have several years of experiences in the areas of specialised translation (especially technical translation and translation in law and politics) as well as interpreting (esp. social services and medicine). Furthermore, I try to spend time in the countries of my working languages as often as possible. Not only is being “on the ground” the best opportunity to stay up to date in my language skills, it is also essential in order to absorb the culture time and again. After all, cultural knowledge is what allows a language service provider to perfectly understand a text and to transfer it correctly into another language – and, at the same time, into another culture.

If you need translation or interpreting services, you are at the right place. Just contact me and I will be happy to send you a personalised quote!